Mean Girls Explain Ship Life

Mean Girls is easily one of the greatest movies ever made. I frequently quote this cinematic brilliance in my every day life – sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by beautiful accident.

Nothing cheers me up faster than memes about Glenn Coco or GIFS of Janice Ian.

So I compiled this list of our fetch mean girls in certain ship life situations. Keep reading, unless you’re some home-schooled jungle freak.

Crew Bar Map

Mean Girls explain:

Ship Feminism

Crew Welfare
Need Anything

Getting Ready for Overnights in Kusadasi
smell like a

When You Want Night Off From the Crew Bar and Your Friends are All
boo mean girls

When A Guest Wants to Have Drinks with the Crew
doesn't go here

Trying to Be Healthy on Ships
butter carb

When You Move to Land and Have a Bad Day
south side


8 thoughts on “Mean Girls Explain Ship Life

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  1. MacKenzie!! Hi there, I am a cruise ship worker and I also blog about ships and life and was wondering if you would mind if I re-post this on my blog (obviously with all proper credit given), because it’s hilarious and mean girls should be everyone’s bible. Keep up the great work!!


  2. Reblogged this on ericaamber and commented:
    So in my vacationing state of enhanced internet availability (picture me with an iPad and a laptop and an iPhone all looking at different things at once….I’m ALL up in the internet right now…yay vacation!!) I have come across a lovely lady who also blogs about ships, life, thoughts and other such things and she has a blog post that I fell in love with. Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies of all time, I quote it at least once a day, more times if I’m on the ship. Miss Mackenzie has taken Mean Girls and applied it to ship life in a way that I find hilarious, and I hope you do too. She has very graciously given me permission to re blog this one for your entertainment!! See more of her work at…..she also has an excellent list of ways you know you work on cruise ships which made me laugh out loud several times. Enjoy!!

  3. Hahaha the “boo you whore” is so funny and I laughed so hard thinking about that. Those times you call your friends to the crew bar and they all say no.. Not one but every single person you call says no. So much truth to this. I love it.

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