One More Running Commentary: Return of the Jedi

Ok, I know you’ve all been waiting for it. After reading my genius observations of “A New Hope,” and my clever thoughts during “Empire Strikes Back,” I know you’re all on the edge of your seat waiting to read what went through my head during the final film of the trilogy So here it is – my running commentary on my favorite of them all – “Return of the Jedi.”


  • Wait – there’s someone scarier than Vader?
  • Whoa! Did C3PO get shinier?
  • Oh my God. Is that what happened to the pigs in space!?Gamorean_Guard
  • Does that guy have a tail coming out of the back of his head?
  • I just always want to hug C3PO.
  • What happened to the green chick?
  • Ok, so Luke is like full force now.
  • Thaaaaaaaat’s the gold bikini that every guy dreams about.PrincessLeiaJedi1709a
  • And thaaaaaaaat’s what happened to the green chick. Ew.
  • Han’s missing this gold bikini? That really doesn’t seem fair.
  • Hey look! It’s Audrey II! Feeeeeeeed me, Luke!sarlacc-13-o
  • Damn, Skywalker. Dat flip doe.
  • Oh yay! The gang’s back together!
  • “The dark path…” That’s some deep, real-life shit.
  • FINALLY! Luke can stop pining away for his sister!
  • Jesus, the Emperor really needs moisturizer.
  • Those flying bikes look like human wasps.tumblr_ltk1bgt54a1qc04w6o1_500
  • Hello, ewoks. Here’s my heart.
  • Oh my God, the ewoks love C3PO as much as I do.
  • This like Neverland with teddy bears. It’s a dream come true.
  • These critters listening to C3PO’s stories look like me watching these
  • Thank God, now the Skywalker kids can stop making creepy, googly eyes.
  • Between R2D2 and the ewoks, this battle is destroying all the cute!
  • Finally, Han drops the L-bomb. Ass.
  • I think the Emperor is… like… getting off on this fight.
  • Vader’s character is way more complex than I thought.
  • He’s like the most complex character in the movies.
  • Damn, he just tossed the Emperor’s ass like it was nothing.3b7d0ab92ca749210ddc1fa2099d9336.320x137x88
  • Under that mask, Vader is white as snow. Metaphor??
  • If Vader’s gone… how are there more movies? Who’s the villain?
  • Sweet Jesus, I want an ewok.tumblr_mtxd4gB0r91sgnewro1_400

After I finished this movie, I looked up the trailer for the next one. I giggled when Han said, “Chewy, we’re home.” I suppose that makes me a Star Wars nerd now.

Now I eagerly wait for the next one. Come oooooooon December 18th.


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