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Vital Information for A Girl’s Ship Life

Sorry gentlemen, but I need to talk to my sisters for a sec. Ship life can be scary and overwhelming, and there are certain warnings I think women need to hear before walking… Continue reading

New Girl and The Torture of Having an Ex Onboard

Once upon a time, I was having lunch with a fellow crew member. The new cast had signed on that morning so the staff mess was loud and full of that dancer energy. My… Continue reading

Embarkation Day: Sign On and Sign Off From All Sides

Today one of my best friends at work had her last day. She leaves us for bigger and better things in a bigger and better city. The whole ordeal is conjuring up a… Continue reading

Ship Goggles

The other day I was sitting at my desk, working on schedules and updating my Pandora list, when one of my co-workers walked past. This person walks past all the time, but on… Continue reading

That’s My Bag Baby: Packing for Ships

Packing for a six month contract can be a daunting task. I typically waited until the night before when I had a 6 am flight to San Juan the next morning. Cause, you… Continue reading

Celebrating at Sea: Ship Life Holidays

Ship people are always complaining about the holidays onboard. They have to work during a holiday. They miss their families. They miss their traditions. I get it. I do. I had some tear… Continue reading

What to Expect When You’re Expecting… To Sail

As the resident “cruise ship girl,” I am often approached by cousins, aunts, uncles, family friends, neighbors, randos in bars and the occasional dental hygienist about my thoughts on which cruise line is… Continue reading

10 Annoying Things Guests Do

Sitting in every staff bar, in every crew mess, behind all the closed doors, crew members are talking about guests. We gush and gripe over them. We love them. We hate them. We… Continue reading

What’s it like to date someone from… ?

Girls talk. We talk about everything you guys think we talk about and more. One thing ship girls talk about, however, is what it’s like to date men of different cultures. Often conversations… Continue reading

Cabin Sweet Cabin

“Do the crew live onboard?” It’s one of the most annoying guest questions ever asked. You have to look them in the eye, smile politely and tell them that yes, you do live… Continue reading

You Know You’re a Cruise Ship Worker When…

You plan your entire day around crew all aboard time. No one wants their house to leave without them. Getting a stomachache means either sucking it up or risk being quarantined for 72… Continue reading

This Zebra Changed her Stripes

There are politics in any workplace, and I’m still getting a handle on the hierarchy of my land job. On the ship it was easy to see the ranks – uniforms made it… Continue reading

The Love Boat

Cruise ships are full of celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, weddings, etc. It’s hard not to get caught up in the romance of it all. I found myself sailing the world, travelling to fairy… Continue reading

Hole in the Wall Hangouts Around the World

I spent Sunday laying in the sun while enjoying an adult beverage with land friends (including Kiki). As we lay there gossiping and laughing, I remembered that this was how I used to… Continue reading

Rocking the Boat: Sex Below Deck

As the liquor fills your cup, you want your fill of something else. The music pounds at your heart and you wiggle your way around to the gorgeous man who winked at you… Continue reading

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