Your “This One Time” Stories

You guys have seen, and hopefully enjoyed, the stories I’ve posted here of some of the craziest and weirdest ship stories that my beloved friends and I experienced. I like to call it my “This One Time…” series With all the excitement and changes happening for me right now I thought it was the prime... Continue Reading →


This One Time I Was Asked to Join a Couple

This particular scenario has happened to me in my adventures in online dating, but that story is for a different day. This situation comes to you from the ship world and is a perfect example of guests completely misinterpreting the idea of an “all-inclusive vacation.” My friend, we’ll call her Hanna, was an activities staff... Continue Reading →

This One Time My Friend Fell Off the Ship

So this one time I was coming back to the ship from a day of shopping in San Juan, and a frantic youthie told me our close friend, we’ll call her Lexie, had fallen off the ship. Lexie was our Environmental Officer onboard so part of her responsibilities included offloading garbage in a safe and environmentally... Continue Reading →