This One Time I Was Asked to Join a Couple

This particular scenario has happened to me in my adventures in online dating, but that story is for a different day. This situation comes to you from the ship world and is a perfect example of guests completely misinterpreting the idea of an “all-inclusive vacation.” My friend, we’ll call her Hanna, was an activities staff... Continue Reading →


One Lovely Blog Award

Well hey y'all, look at me! I got me an award! Really though, it was so very sweet of Kerry Hishon to nominate me. I love hearing from my readers and am very flattered that she thought of me for this. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. She has quite a way with... Continue Reading →

Roomie Got A Groomie!

Hi Friends! It's been a while, I know. In the world of video when it rains it pours, so I haven't even been home long enough for my cat to bite me. I'm sure he'll make up for it this weekend. Speaking of this weekend, I love sharing exciting news with you all and this... Continue Reading →

Family Reunion

You may have noticed my absence recently. For the last few days I have been in Bath, NY for my family reunion. I have mentioned Bath before to you all, and how much I love it. Just know that this time my trip helped me re-evaluate my landlocked life. No, I'm not getting back onboard, but... Continue Reading →

How Ship Life is Like Camp

I never went to summer camp. I never packed away a duffle bag with high hopes of s’mores and canoes. I never wrote hilarious letters home to mom in red crayon complaining about the bugs. Alas, this poor girl spent her summers on the beaches of Daytona. I know, pity me. My college roommate, The... Continue Reading →


Hi Friends, This weekend I completed a pretty big milestone for a girl whose only bad grades growing up were in P.E. I am officially a licensed Zumba instructor! I will be teaching at my office for right now. Once I have classes open to the public, I'll be sure to share that with you... Continue Reading →

My Pirate Wall

I have a frame full of photos from my favorite ship days, and this weekend while doing tacky souvenir shopping at the beach, I found the perfect way to accentuate my crew photos. I don't do a whole bunch of shopping unless there are coupons involved, but I saw this, fell in love with it,... Continue Reading →

Five Years

2014 is a pretty big year for this old gal. My college roommate is getting hitched. The first of my best friends is having a baby. My five year college reunion is planned for October - but that's not the five year this blog is named for.  Five years ago today I was boarding my... Continue Reading →

Watching the World Cup with the World

With the start of the World Cup this week, I’m feeling nostalgic (I know… surprise, surprise) for when I was surrounded by a population of people from differing countries. As a member of the broadcast team, the World Cup was the best and worst time. There were long hours of monitoring Ghana play Greece, or trying to... Continue Reading →

What to Do Wednesday: Skagway, Alaska

Typically I select my “What to do Wednesday” city based on where my thoughts are wandering that week. It has been so dreadfully hot in my office, so naturally I’m thinking of cooling down a bit. So in my mind I’m going to Alaska – specifically Skagway. Care to join me? Skagway sounds like something... Continue Reading →