Family Reunion

You may have noticed my absence recently. For the last few days I have been in Bath, NY for my family reunion. I have mentioned Bath before to you all, and how much… Continue reading

How Ship Life is Like Camp

I never went to summer camp. I never packed away a duffle bag with high hopes of s’mores and canoes. I never wrote hilarious letters home to mom in red crayon complaining about… Continue reading


Hi Friends, This weekend I completed a pretty big milestone for a girl whose only bad grades growing up were in P.E. I am officially a licensed Zumba instructor! I will be teaching… Continue reading

What to Do Wednesday: Warnemünde, Germany

On any given itinerary there’s a favorite day for the crew. It’s never the sea day. It’s often the port with the best bar or wifi. When sailing the Baltic, many found Warnemünde,… Continue reading

My Pirate Wall

I have a frame full of photos from my favorite ship days, and this weekend while doing tacky souvenir shopping at the beach, I found the perfect way to accentuate my crew photos.… Continue reading

Five Years

2014 is a pretty big year for this old gal. My college roommate is getting hitched. The first of my best friends is having a baby. My five year college reunion is planned… Continue reading

What to do Wednesday: Daytona Beach, Florida

You should always take pride in where you come from. That is why, for better or way worse, I have never denied that I am a born and bred Floridian. Yes, I come… Continue reading

Watching the World Cup with the World

With the start of the World Cup this week, I’m feeling nostalgic (I know… surprise, surprise) for when I was surrounded by a population of people from differing countries. As a member of the broadcast… Continue reading

What to Do Wednesday: Skagway, Alaska

Typically I select my “What to do Wednesday” city based on where my thoughts are wandering that week. It has been so dreadfully hot in my office, so naturally I’m thinking of cooling… Continue reading

How Ship Life is Like Prison as told by the Ladies of ‘Orange is the New Black’

At one time or another every crew member has referred to our floating home as a prison, and on your worst days it really feels like it. Now, I know life on a… Continue reading

The 5 Hottest Sea Men. Ever.

This site wouldn’t truly be “thoughts from a landlocked sailor” without some drooling and swooning over the most amazing guys of the high seas. So for this Friday afternoon, I have compiled a… Continue reading

What to do Wednesday: Bermuda

When you live on a ship, you often get only a few hours to explore a port – especially if you only get to stop there once. Crew members yearn for an overnight… Continue reading

This One Time My Friend Fell Off the Ship

So this one time I was coming back to the ship from a day of shopping in San Juan, and a frantic youthie told me our close friend, we’ll call her Lexie, had fallen… Continue reading

What to Do Wednesday: Paris, France

My childhood bedroom posters came and went, but the one that stayed was of the Eiffel Tower. I can’t explain my perpetual love of French culture. I don’t remember the first time I learned… Continue reading

New Girl and The Torture of Having an Ex Onboard

Once upon a time, I was having lunch with a fellow crew member. The new cast had signed on that morning so the staff mess was loud and full of that dancer energy. My… Continue reading

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