The 5 Hottest Sea Men. Ever.

This site wouldn’t truly be “thoughts from a landlocked sailor” without some drooling and swooning over the most amazing guys of the high seas. So for this Friday afternoon, I have compiled a list of the top 5 sea men of all time. Enjoy. 5. Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman) – Yes, I know… he is... Continue Reading →


What to do Wednesday: Bermuda

When you live on a ship, you often get only a few hours to explore a port – especially if you only get to stop there once. Crew members yearn for an overnight for the opportunity to be off the ship at night, and have extra time to get to know a city. I had... Continue Reading →

This One Time My Friend Fell Off the Ship

So this one time I was coming back to the ship from a day of shopping in San Juan, and a frantic youthie told me our close friend, we’ll call her Lexie, had fallen off the ship. Lexie was our Environmental Officer onboard so part of her responsibilities included offloading garbage in a safe and environmentally... Continue Reading →

What to Do Wednesday: Paris, France

My childhood bedroom posters came and went, but the one that stayed was of the Eiffel Tower. I can’t explain my perpetual love of French culture. I don’t remember the first time I learned about France. I don’t remember any TV show or character glamorizing it. I don’t even remember why I wanted to take French... Continue Reading →

It’s Our Anniversary!

One year ago today I began “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” with this little post about transitioning into land life. I was just looking for a place to air my creativity. It was all jammed up inside of me as I sat at a desk all day learning Excel and workflow processes. I’m... Continue Reading →

I Thought He Was Going To Be OK

“He was so young. It’s such a shame.” In the past, I’d heard this phrase and responded with a slight tilt of my head, a sad half-frown and a “Yea, I know.” I never felt the real meaning. Last week, my friend Daniel died. He had been battling cancer for a little over a year.... Continue Reading →

Sister! Sister!

It has been brought to my attention (rather adamantly) that I have not mentioned that I have a sister. Yes, folks there is one lucky soul out there that was fortunate enough to be born into my family. She had the distinct pleasure of growing up with me and learning from my vast wisdom. She... Continue Reading →

Oh, You Again: Reoccurring Dreams

It always annoys and astounds me how the dreams you had the night before can affect your following day. It’s fascinating how the reality of a dream is so gripping that real emotions spring forth – ones you forgot you had. Typically people have multiple dreams in a night. If I had any others last... Continue Reading →

Why Mikey Would Hate Europe

This is Mikey: Last week I was visiting Mikey in the amazing city of Chicago. He is my best friend in the world, but after a week of observing his lifestyle I have come to the conclusion that Mikey would hate Europe. Let's explore why. Ice is Not a Thing Mikey, like myself, loves an... Continue Reading →

This weekend we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I love this holiday. It’s more than a reason to drink beer. It’s more than an occasion to wear a color that makes me look fabulous. It’s more than the one day a year people pretend they always listen to The Dropkick Murphys. For me, St. Patrick’s Day is... Continue Reading →

Am I Asexual?

Sometimes I Google pictures of Jonathan Rhys Meyers just to make sure. Really, though, it has been approximately two years since I left ships and I feel like that’s the last time I felt anything that remotely resembles a crush. Granted, I have been extremely focused on my job and advancing my career, and Greensboro... Continue Reading →