What to Do Wednesday: Dublin, Ireland

Given my background, I am often asked by friends and family for suggestions on what to do in certain cities. I never cease to be flattered by it, and humbled when I realize… Continue reading

It’s Our Anniversary!

One year ago today I began “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” with this little post about transitioning into land life. I was just looking for a place to air my creativity.… Continue reading

I Thought He Was Going To Be OK

“He was so young. It’s such a shame.” In the past, I’d heard this phrase and responded with a slight tilt of my head, a sad half-frown and a “Yea, I know.” I… Continue reading

Sister! Sister!

It has been brought to my attention (rather adamantly) that I have not mentioned that I have a sister. Yes, folks there is one lucky soul out there that was fortunate enough to… Continue reading

Embarkation Day: Sign On and Sign Off From All Sides

Today one of my best friends at work had her last day. She leaves us for bigger and better things in a bigger and better city. The whole ordeal is conjuring up a… Continue reading

Oh, You Again: Reoccurring Dreams

It always annoys and astounds me how the dreams you had the night before can affect your following day. It’s fascinating how the reality of a dream is so gripping that real emotions… Continue reading

Why Mikey Would Hate Europe

This is Mikey: Last week I was visiting Mikey in the amazing city of Chicago. He is my best friend in the world, but after a week of observing his lifestyle I have… Continue reading

Norwegian Cruise Line Boogie

Yesterday was the UN’s International Day of Happiness. You may have noticed several tweets with #happinessday or Facebook statuses wishing the world a day of happiness. I acknowledged it with a slight smirk… Continue reading

How Ship Life is Like Study Abroad

This weekend we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I love this holiday. It’s more than a reason to drink beer. It’s more than an occasion to wear a color that makes me look fabulous. It’s… Continue reading

Am I Asexual?

Sometimes I Google pictures of Jonathan Rhys Meyers just to make sure. Really, though, it has been approximately two years since I left ships and I feel like that’s the last time I… Continue reading

Ship Goggles

The other day I was sitting at my desk, working on schedules and updating my Pandora list, when one of my co-workers walked past. This person walks past all the time, but on… Continue reading

You Never Forget Your First

When looking over all the photos I’ve taken, I have a million and one of my very first ship, the Celebrity Century. Anyone who has ever worked on any ship will tell you… Continue reading

Lessons in Love From a Landlocked Sailor

I tend to ignore Valentine’s Day. When I was an emo, dramatic teenager, I dressed in all black and lectured people about what an inane holiday it was. As I got older, I… Continue reading

I Know What You Googled Last Night

Ok, calm down, I don’t actually know what you googled. Hey, I’m not the NSA!   *Ba dum tssh* I do, however, know what people have googled to find my lovely coconuts blog. WordPress… Continue reading

Super Bowl at Sea

Just want to wish all my friends at sea a Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Whether you’re the one serving the bucket beer specials, making the pigs in a blanket, or hosting trivia contests,… Continue reading

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