Landlubber Anniversary

Two years ago today I stepped off my last gangway. I was crying. I was tired. I was anxious to hug my mother. Above all of that, though, I was determined to start… Continue reading

That’s My Bag Baby: Packing for Ships

Packing for a six month contract can be a daunting task. I typically waited until the night before when I had a 6 am flight to San Juan the next morning. Cause, you… Continue reading

Sailing Woozies. Just Me?

Friends, I am turning to you because I can’t handle WebMD giving me yet another diagnosis including tumors and/or pregnancy. Every now and then I get this weird feeling. It’s a combination of… Continue reading

Celebrating at Sea: Ship Life Holidays

Ship people are always complaining about the holidays onboard. They have to work during a holiday. They miss their families. They miss their traditions. I get it. I do. I had some tear… Continue reading

All Blocked Up

Hi Friends, As you may have noticed there have not been any posts for a bit. That is because I am feeling the unrelenting pain of writer’s block. It is by far worse… Continue reading

A Guide to Drinking Through the Holidays

I have always had a little trouble at the holidays. Something after Halloween triggers in me and whether I’m single or happily in love, with family or in the middle of the Atlantic,… Continue reading

Mean Girls Explain Ship Life

Mean Girls is easily one of the greatest movies ever made. I frequently quote this cinematic brilliance in my every day life – sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by beautiful accident. Nothing cheers… Continue reading

The Good Old Days

I recently watched the final episode of The Office – I know I’m a couple years behind – and this quote has been stuck in my head ever since. Obviously my first thought… Continue reading

Thanks All Around

When I was living on ships Thanksgiving had all the makings of being a sad and lonely day. You’re far from your family and anyone who knows the magic of cranberry sauce from… Continue reading

Reality Show Crew: If Reality TV Stars Worked on the Ship

I watch entirely too much reality TV. I know, I know, it’s trash, it’s turning my brain to mush, and I’m contributing to the destruction of America. So what if we sent all… Continue reading

Shaking it for the Pinoys: An Extended List of What You Can Do to Help the Philippines

Last night some of the Zumba instructors from my local gym threw an Emergency Relief Zumbathon for the Philippines. Typically I’ll deny it until I’m blue in the face, but I love to… Continue reading

How Ship Life is Like College

Last weekend I took a much-needed trip to my alma mater, Elon University, to celebrate homecoming. I was lovingly referred to as “the cruise ship girl,” embraced tightly and drowned in sangria. I… Continue reading

Our Pinoy Paisanos: 16 Ways You Can Help The Philippines

Anyone who has ever worked on ships has, without a doubt, worked with dozens of Filipinos. They are our co-workers, our friends and our family. Over the weekend our ship life paisanos were… Continue reading

A Word on Daylight Savings Time

Land-lubbers are funny. They make the biggest deal out of changing their clocks. They blame everything on this one hour time change. I could go on, but why when GIFs say it so… Continue reading

Creative Crew Costumes

I freaking love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday right up there with the 4th of July and St. Patrick’s Day. It’s not the candy. It’s not the scary movies – in fact… Continue reading

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