Ship Goggles

The other day I was sitting at my desk, working on schedules and updating my Pandora list, when one of my co-workers walked past. This person walks past all the time, but on this day in particular I couldn’t help but think, “wow, he’s pretty cute.” As soon as the thought entered my mind I... Continue Reading →


You Never Forget Your First

When looking over all the photos I've taken, I have a million and one of my very first ship, the Celebrity Century. Anyone who has ever worked on any ship will tell you there's something special about that first ship on that first contract. People have asked me time and time again which ship was... Continue Reading →

I Know What You Googled Last Night

Ok, calm down, I don't actually know what you googled. Hey, I'm not the NSA!   *Ba dum tssh* I do, however, know what people have googled to find my lovely coconuts blog. WordPress has a fun little feature that tells me what search engine terms lead to someone clicking over to meet me. I always... Continue Reading →

Super Bowl at Sea

Just want to wish all my friends at sea a Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Whether you're the one serving the bucket beer specials, making the pigs in a blanket, or hosting trivia contests, have fun! Some of my favorite Super Bowl parties were on ships surrounded by rowdy Americans and ice sculptures of team logos.... Continue Reading →

Landlubber Anniversary

Two years ago today I stepped off my last gangway. I was crying. I was tired. I was anxious to hug my mother. Above all of that, though, I was determined to start my land life. So today I totally deserve these two slices of pizza. One slice for each greasy, heart-burn inducing, delicious year... Continue Reading →

Sailing Woozies. Just Me?

Friends, I am turning to you because I can't handle WebMD giving me yet another diagnosis including tumors and/or pregnancy. Every now and then I get this weird feeling. It's a combination of dizziness, light headedness, and an undulating feeling like I'm sailing. Admittedly it usually strikes while staring at a computer screen. Seriously, though,... Continue Reading →

All Blocked Up

Hi Friends, As you may have noticed there have not been any posts for a bit. That is because I am feeling the unrelenting pain of writer's block. It is by far worse than a physical block for me. That's right. I'm telling you that writing gives me more satisfaction and relief than a good... Continue Reading →

Mean Girls Explain Ship Life

Mean Girls is easily one of the greatest movies ever made. I frequently quote this cinematic brilliance in my every day life - sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by beautiful accident. Nothing cheers me up faster than memes about Glenn Coco or GIFS of Janice Ian. So I compiled this list of our fetch mean... Continue Reading →

Thanks All Around

When I was living on ships Thanksgiving had all the makings of being a sad and lonely day. You're far from your family and anyone who knows the magic of cranberry sauce from a can. Luckily, for me one of my greatest friends would use her pull in the dining room (as she called it,... Continue Reading →