Living with a Unique Name

Every now and then I get the urge to perform a makeover. I thought while I was changing up my look (I’m attempting a little more 60s mod style) I would give my blog a little metamorphosis. If you get a chance, the home page has a totally new layout, too. I loved the fishies,... Continue Reading →


Family Matters and Bath Reflections

I have always fancied myself a decent mix of bougie (google it) and hippie. This is all thanks to my family. My giant family full of loud, opinionated crazies is a huge reason why I came back to land. I hated having a small window every two weeks where I had to cram in catch-up... Continue Reading →

Words, Words, Words

Every stage of life has its own set of jargon. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that a word or phrase you used to say on a daily basis can all of a sudden feel very foreign on your tongue. I first discovered this phenomenon when telling a very old story of my annoying... Continue Reading →

Music Make You Lose Control

I was pumping gas the other day and a song came over the speakers. One line into the song and I was no longer listlessly leaning against my car trying to control my anxiety as the little numbers on the pump spun to a disgraceful total. No, I wasn’t worrying about the to-do list and... Continue Reading →

Why ‘Mad Men’ Makes Me Feel Sexy

And now for something completely different. Don Draper pours an Old Fashioned, Betty lights a cigarette, Ted grabs Peggy by the waist – the sex on ‘Mad Men’ is palpable. At every turn there’s a glance, the touching of hands, or the knocking of a secret door. Every little detail of this show is doused... Continue Reading →

This Zebra Changed her Stripes

There are politics in any workplace, and I’m still getting a handle on the hierarchy of my land job. On the ship it was easy to see the ranks - uniforms made it pretty obvious. Your place on the ship is determined by how many stripes you have. For example, I had 2 stripes which... Continue Reading →

The Love Boat

Cruise ships are full of celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, weddings, etc. It’s hard not to get caught up in the romance of it all. I found myself sailing the world, travelling to fairy tale spots, alone. I reluctantly took dozens of selfies in front of famous monuments you can half see. I don’t have long... Continue Reading →

The 5 Men You Will Sleep With On Ships

…At least I did. The Christian Grey He is all business. There is no emotion and good luck cracking this rough exterior. He comes out of nowhere and proposes a pitch for intercourse so properly you think he might have a powerpoint prepared should you need more convincing. The Christian Grey is gorgeous, though, so... Continue Reading →

Rocking the Boat: Sex Below Deck

As the liquor fills your cup, you want your fill of something else. The music pounds at your heart and you wiggle your way around to the gorgeous man who winked at you on the gangway earlier. “New target” you think to yourself. All thoughts are on him and how to ask him to your... Continue Reading →