Laughing at Ourselves

I have recently begun a weekly tradition with my new land friend, Kiki. Kiki is totally her real name and not the name she insisted I use on this blog. Kiki and I drink wine and watch stand up comedy every Thursday night. Not long ago I decided to introduce Kiki to a comedian I... Continue Reading →


As the Ship Sails

Remember being a teenager? Remember when every day felt like the most important day of your life? Remember reading Greek tragedies in English class and thinking, “They think they have problems?!”Do you remember being completely bipolar and having no explanation for it?Ship life is like being a teenager. The drama and gossip of crew members... Continue Reading →

Nametags: The Double Edged Sword

Lighting up any crew members polyester evening blazer is a shimmering golden badge. During the day, it accentuates that cotton polo tucked into a khaki skirt hiked up to your bra. It tells the entire ship who you are, what you do, and where you come from.The nametag can be super helpful for the obvious... Continue Reading →

What Your Job Says About You

It takes a crew member to spot a crew member. One night in Bermuda a large group of us were enjoying a dinner far away from the dramatic pressure cooker we call home. We were laughing and making plans to hit the local beach night club when we noticed a smaller group of crew from... Continue Reading →

Crew Bar – Deck 0

My first contract had ended and I found myself sitting at my grandmother‘s dinner table surrounded by family. I listlessly swirled my fork among the mashed potatoes, daydreaming about all the places I had seen and the people I couldn’t wait to see again, when my cousin asked, “So Kenz, do the crew hang out... Continue Reading →

The Foodie

In my previous post, I began a rant on ship food. I cut myself off knowing I wanted to devote an entire entry to crew cuisine. Like I said before, if you think the crew gets to eat your leftover prime rib you are grossly (emphasis on the 'gross') mistaken. For crew, eating onboard is... Continue Reading →

Working 9 to 5

I want to preface this entry by making it very clear that my job experiences do not represent crew members as a whole. I was very fortunate to have a job where I could often make my own hours. While I never had a day off, I could go out in port more often than... Continue Reading →

New Legs

I lived on cruise ships for three years. That's three years of tropical ports, theme parties and a state of perpetual tan. Three years of free world travel, sunsets on the water, and first class martinis. Three years of dancing late into the night, having complete creative freedom, and long conversations with people from countries... Continue Reading →