The Foodie

In my previous post, I began a rant on ship food. I cut myself off knowing I wanted to devote an entire entry to crew cuisine. Like I said before, if you think… Continue reading

Working 9 to 5

I want to preface this entry by making it very clear that my job experiences do not represent crew members as a whole. I was very fortunate to have a job where I… Continue reading

New Legs

I lived on cruise ships for three years. That’s three years of tropical ports, theme parties and a state of perpetual tan. Three years of free world travel, sunsets on the water, and… Continue reading

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    Just a friendly reminder that the hairstyle you rock during your kids' formative years is the way they'll always picture you. Happy Father's Day to the guy with the most impressively flowing locks I've ever known. A Sunday morning at @unitytriangle sets my week off right. Great service today on recognizing the power of the Divine Masculine. Bring it to the forefront and kick butt!! 🕉🕊 Thunderstorms call for an FH Friday. #gettingorganized #gettingideas #spreadtheword #knowfh ❤️ Finally! A drink that speaks to me. #getexcidered Good. Morning. 🐕☀️💤 That's a wrap on the @fhfoundation's day on the Hill! #KnowFH #LittleHillontheHill
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    Just a girl missing the saltwater in my hair. Let's talk ships.