I am just a girl who misses the saltwater in her hair… wait is that dirty? Crap. I always try to sound so elegant and profound and it just ends up warranting some prepubescent chuckle.

I lived on a cruise ship for three years and am adjusting to land life again. I have changed. I am sorting through these changes here for my friends, family and the world to read. Slowly realizing there is nothing in the world like ship life… and that’s ok.

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Drop me a line: landlocked.sailor25@gmail.com


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    1. That was really cute! I’m going to have to get a Facebook page for this blog, that’s the second request I’ve had.

  1. I have hit up your blog a few times and enjoyed everything. The one I couldn’t help but laugh at is the choosing to go back post. It nailed all the emotions of choosing to go back for another contract. I am going on my third contract and honestly all those emotions I have felt. I go back in just two weeks and right now I am very excited but I just know within a week or two, I will be like damn what am I doing here haha. Hopefully it’ll take a bit longer before I regret it but let us see. Thank you for your very humorous posts.

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