A PSA on Ghosting

It's the spooky season. Please be nice.

Of Jobs and Boyfriends: A Comparison of Love and Career

Think about all the jobs you’ve had. Now think about all the significant others you’ve had. Now do what I did recently – compare them. Consider the relationships you’ve had with the companies you’ve worked for and the people you’ve dated. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Weird, right? When you really think about it, our relationships... Continue Reading →

Dog, Thy Name is Anxiety

I love my dog. I adopted Maggie from the Wake County SPCA in October of last year. Before that, my details about her are sparse. She had puppies once, she was newly spayed, and she was very timid - especially around men. But boy have we learned a lot about each other since. She loves... Continue Reading →

Session Two: I Cried.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I had no idea what to expect from therapy. I think I hoped that I would talk about my anxiety, my insecurities, and my childhood, and she’d offer some magical quick fix that would suddenly make me normal. This, as I have discovered, is not... Continue Reading →

First Session. First Convention.

Ok, I’ll be honest – I had no idea what to expect from my first therapy appointment. I pictured the couch and me blathering on until I got to some huge revelation from my childhood. I lost my first teddy bear, and that’s when I began worrying about everything around me! Or something like that.... Continue Reading →

Breakups: What Not to Say

I can’t think of the right words to properly describe a breakup. They make you feel sick to your stomach in that, “I knew I shouldn’t have eaten Chipotle” way. Having your heart broken is humiliating, infuriating and debilitating. Without a doubt your friends will have to deal with a heartbreak or two during your... Continue Reading →

Yes, I’ve Tried Online Dating

“Have you tried Bumble?” “My friend met her fiancé on OkCupid.” “I bet Tinder is good for a laugh. Are you on there?" Just like everything on the Internet, online dating has become a hot mess. It used to be one or two sites to choose from, but now it seems like every app is a... Continue Reading →

Let’s Finish This – Episode 3

Even though the other two prequels were so horrible, my determination took over and I decided to force myself through this last one. I comforted myself with the fact that this will be the last Hayden Christensen movie I will ever watch. So here are my thoughts: Anyone else giggle at “Count Dooku”? Just me?... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: I did it Again

After the trauma of watching “Phantom Menace,” I wondered if I would be able to handle the next two prequels. My gnawing curiosity about Hayden Christensen got the better of me so I sat down to experience “Attack of the Clones.” Not gonna lie, I’m nervous about this. Ok, I get that Padme is in... Continue Reading →

Ok. So I watched Episode 1.

Before you bombard me with “I told you so,” hear me out. I decided to watch the prequels and I decided to watch them in release order. Why would I do this to myself, you ask? Because I want to be a real fan. I want to commiserate with other fans over the egregious actions... Continue Reading →